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There is no Option but EnergyBus

From 20 to 23 March 2013, EnergyBus was the most future-oriented topic at Taipei International Cycle Show. In addition, the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track invited to test ride the power of electric drive.

ExtraEnergy and EnergyBus offered test rides and information at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013.

ExtraEnergy Test IT Track
Test rides are in the spotlight of the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track. This year`s exhibitors at the Test IT Track in Taipei where BMZ Drive Systems, Golden Wheel Europe, GreenTrans, Hilltecks Distribution, UNIQUE PRODUCT & DESIGN Co., LTD, Santa Monica Electric Vehicles, TranzX and Fanciteck International LTD.

>> Photo gallery Test IT Track

EnergyBus Exhibition
At the EnergyBus exhibition, Marquardt, ABUS and Ziegler came up with the first workable Charge & Lock Cable which is a component of the charging infrastructure EnergyBus pilot scheme. Furthermore, the company Ziegler presented world`s first complete solution for LEV charging/rental infrastructure, composed of software for rental companies of electric vehicles and charging stations with the Charge & Lock Cable.

Plug`n Charge GmbH initially presented their pedelec drive train and in addition their solution of an EnergyBus charging infrastructure.

Further exhibitors where EnergyBus members BMZ Drive Systems and ropa engineering. Johannes Dörndorfer informed on the EnergyBus compliant ropa pedelec drive unit.

A display wall with EnergyBus compatible devices drew the masses. Among these devices were the Charge & Lock Cable, the EnergyBus connector set, a center drive unit by Electragil, HMIs by Marquardt and Acewell, the Gobax battery, the charger by Hi Tech Energy Inc. and  Philips LED bike lights.

>> Photo gallery EnergyBus exhibition

There is no Option but EnergyBus
Max Neupert, contact person for EnergyBus at the exhibition, was impressed by the manufacturers` rapid development in consciousness towards EnergyBus. "Unlike a few years ago, I hardly needed to convince anyone of EnergyBus. They knew that they will need the EnergyBus Standard. Some manufacturers even sent their component manufacturers/suppliers directly to us. According to the motto: our next bike will use EnergyBus. Please make yourselves at times clever and visit the EnergyBus exhibition."

The charging infrastructure EnergyBus pilot scheme and its Charge & Lock Cable were one of the big issues at the exhibition: "The high interest in public charging infrastructure was phenomenal. I spoke to visitors from Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA."

Further information on EnergyBus:

>> EnergyBus Booklet available

Text: Angela Budde
Picture: Max Neupert

27 March 2013




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