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World First - Plug`n Charge at Taipei Cycle Show

Plug`n Charge`s initial presentation of pedelec drive train and EnergyBus charging infrastructure at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013.

The Drive Concept in Detail:
The full drive train consists of input device, battery, motor and charger.

In this concept, the speed (uphill and downhill) is controlled by the inserted effort. This control system is used for fifteen years in golf caddies and is now applied to the pedelec drive train. That unique human-machine-interaction has been approved thousandfold and will definitely have an impact on the mobility of the future.

Rear-motor, the chassis with separable connector, only internal sensors, no additional installation is required. EnergyBus based, new and innovative production processes, e.g. overmolded single coils.

EnergyBus/CAN-open454 based, versions: mobile chargers / power supply (portable). Giveaway station, low budget, suitable e.g. for garage. Accessory when purchasing a pedelec with manufacturer`s logo, public charging stations for municipalities and business.

Interface for the engine, the display and the charger/power supply. EnergyBus based, capacity and installation requirements on request. At present, batteries are available as carrier accumulators as well as down tube (bottle holder) variations.

>> Photo Gallery Plug`n Charge Charging Infrastructure

For furhter information, please meet Plug`n Charge at Taipei International Cycle Show, Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F, Exhibits Entrance N.

>> press releases ExtraEnergy activities at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013

Text and picture: Plug`n Charge GmbH
Online release: Angela Budde

14 March 2013



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