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BMZ Drive Systems at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013

From 20 to 23 March 2013, BMZ Drive Systems will be part of the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track and the EnergyBus exhibition at Taipei International Cycle Show.

BMZ Drive Sytems in Taipei
The battery pack: The heart of any e-bike. Proven Lithium Ion technology guarantees high energy density, small space requirements, low weight, and a long travel distance.

Compact but powerful chargers recharge a battery pack to its maximum power level in rapid time.

BMZ designs and manufactures ebike battery packs for a minimum of 1000 cycles.

E-Bike Power - Individual Solutions
The Technology - a true power pack. Besides the motor, the battery pack is a vital component for a fast and powerfull drive system.

The design of the BMZ Drive Systems`battery packs offer a balance of power, travel distance and, longevity at an extreme low weight.

BMZ offers battery packs which utilize a lithium ion cell specifically developed for the ebike market. The advantages are high energy density and a high safety standard.

BMZ`s close cooperation with GmbH, an independent and certified test laboratory allows them to test the battery packs to ensure compliance with guidelines such as UN, UL, BATSO etc.

Where to Use - Smart Combination
BMZ battery packs are developed to meet the need of today’s ebike regardless of the motor size and regardless of a front or rear wheel drive or a pedal shaft mounted drive. The position and location of the pack can be chosen to suit the individual ebike design. BMZ`s battery pack can support various communications systems such as LIN-BUS or CAN-BUS.

A smart combination of battery pack and motor will form a powerful and reliable drive system.

About BMZ
Since the foundation in 1994, BMZ has emerged as one of Europe’s leading providers of systems and solutions for the intelligent mobile energy market.

Custom designed batteries, developed and manufactured by BMZ, are used worldwide in many different applications and products including: electric bicycles, electric garden tools, power tools, electric vehicles, portable medical devices and storage units for renewable energies.

BMZ`s worldwide production capabilities with facilities in Germany, Poland, USA and China employ over 1100 employees and ensures a onetime product completion and delivery while maintaining the highest quality standard.

>> photo gallery of Pedelecs with BMZ Drive Systems at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track in Taipei

Test Ride Pedelecs with BMZ Drive Systems at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013
BMZ Drive System is part of the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013.

The extensive Test IT Track starts in the main hall of Nangang Exhibition center and features a 100 m slope.

BMZ, EnergyBus member, will present the BMZ Drive System also at the EnergyBus exhibition in Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F, Exhibits Entrance N.

>> BMZ Drive Systems (PDF)


BMZ Drive Systems at Taipei International Cycle Show at a single glance
Date: 20 - 23 March 2013
Test IT Track: Nangang Exhibition Hall, Cargo Ramp, 4F, Taipei, Taiwan
EnergyBus exhibition: Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F, Exhibits Entrance N


>> press releases ExtraEnergy activities at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013

Text and pictures: BMZ GmbH

Online release: Angela Budde

13 March 2013




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