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GreenTrans at Test IT Track in Taipei

From 20 to 23 March 2013, GreenTrans focuses on sports e-bike kit at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track in Nangang Exhibition Hall, Cargo Ramp, 4F at Taipei International Cycle Show.

For more than a year after the customer actual testing and verification on sample e-bike, GreenTrans mastered the customer demands and focused on the development of sports e-bike power kit.

GreenTrans Power Kit

GreenTrans power kit shows various typical characteristics. When customers first ride on the GreenTrans kit e-bike, they are very surprised on the instant and strong assisted power output, the noise of motor is so low, while the booster will not be intermittent paused with the rotation of the pedaling. Especially when on climbing uphill, the rider can be easily uphill almost without strong step. These features can be attributed to its own designed torque sensor, the bilateral induction ability to provide instant torque response to controller which inside of motor also makes power output smoothly.

GreenTrans Rear-Wheel Driving Motor

GreenTrans rear-wheel driving motor is with power regeneration function. As rider is riding downhill in the long-distance, as long as the display is set on regeneration mode, the motor will convert and restore energy back to battery, the electric capacity of battery is extended accordingly. The special advantage is more applicable to sports e-bike.

Suitable for E-MTB, E-Trekking Bike and Sports E-Bike
GreenTrans has developed 36V and 48V kit systems, which provide multiple choices to customers, they are suitable for e-MTB, e-Trekking bike and sports e-bike. Besides, GreenTrans also showcase the newly developed central motor, it embedded GreenTrans torque sensor and with more power output, will be much in line with customer needs.

>> photo gallery GreenTrans products at Taipei Cycle Show 2013

New E-bike in 2013
GreenTrans has cooperated with many famous brand companies to verify the quality and performance of power kits already. They are aiming to launch new e-bikes on the market in 2013. For more information, please visit GreenTrans website at:

>> www.greentrans-eu.com

Test Ride Greentrans E-Bikes at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013
GreenTrans e-bikes are part of the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at Taipei International Cycle Show 2013.

The extensive Test IT Track starts in the main hall of Nangang Exhibition center and features a 100 m slope.

Test IT Track in Taipei at a single glance
Date: 20 - 23 March 2013
Test IT Track: Nangang Exhibition Hall, Cargo Ramp, 4F, Taipei, Taiwan

>> www.taipeicycle.com.tw

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Text and picture: GreenTrans

Online release: Angela Budde

5 March 2013



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