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Winners of Autumn 2010 Test honored

The winners of ExtraEnergy's Autumn 2010 Test was honored at the consumer fair VELOBerlin on 26 March 2011. At 13h00 six manufacturers were called onto the stage in Hall 21a to receive trophies for 7 winning pedelecs in 9 product categories. 

These pedelecs were the best of the 46 e-vehicles tested by ExtraEnergy in its Autumn 2010 Test, consisting of an ergonomics test in Leipzig, test-rides in Tanna and electrical and mechanical tests in a nearby test laboratory. The results were collated and then published on 24 March 2011.

The manificent seven
The vehicle Stromer of the Swiss manufacturer Thömus was the star of the show. It ended up winning three product categories, namely the categories Sport, Wellness and Business. With this performance, the Stromer proved itself to be the optimal, high-end speedster, for e-vehicle riders which love speed and power, both on ordinary working days and on holidays.

Hot on the Stromer's heels was a Kalkhoff, which walked away with two trophies. The Pro Connect C8 won the category Easy Pedelec for the second time in a row. (It also won this category in the July 2010 Test.) The winner of the category Tour was the Agattu XXL Pedelec, which convinced the team of test-riders with its power, wide array of fittings and long battery range.

The Vitality Elite XT was entered by Kreidler as a preproduction bike with a Bosch motor. It won the category City Comfort, giving it a dream start in the market.

The Ave Tour Edition was a "slightly different" Classic Pedelec, but won the category with its comfort and quality details.

Giant entered its Twist Esprit Double Power, with two battery packs. Add Giant's market experience, and you have a winning companion for families, with safety and reliability as high priorities.

Last but not least - the most flexible vehicle in the test and previous winner: the Flyer Faltrad NS of Biketec. It won the category Folding Pedelec - a category aimed at people who commute part of the way to and from work with the train, or bus.

The categories
The product categories represent the different demands consumers have for e-vehicles, or the different ways they use their pedelecs. ExtraEnergy identified the categories after 18 years of practical experience in the LEV sector.

The categories were formalized in 2010, when ExtraEnergy unveiled beautiful trophies for the category winners. Since then, the sector has gradually warmed to the categories as identified by ExtraEnergy, as can be witnessed, for instance, in Winora's new e-bike range.

Segmenting the sector in different product categories is a reply to the proliferation of e-vehicle products on the market and shows the vastness of the opportunities awaiting electric technology in future. ExtraEnergy believes these categories will help clients in their buying decisions and hopes they will spur the industry to excellence.

The award ceremony
The award ceremony was held on 26 March on the stage in Hall 21a during the fair VELOBerlin. This fair pulled 160 exhibitors in its very first year. ExtraEnergy counted among them, with its Test IT test track, where visitors were given the rare opportunity to test-ride as many of the test winners as they wanted.

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-bike Test
ExtraEnergy e.V. has established itself in the market as an independent test authority with a vehicle testing procedure, which it has developed continuously since 1992.

The results of these tests serve as reliable orientation to consumers looking for e-vehicles to buy. To the industry it serves as regulator and driving force for innovation. Vehicles which have successfully passed ExtraEnergy tests after 1993, carry test seals on their frames, confirming their quality.

The complete set of results will be available online in the April issue of the ExtraEnergy Magazine, and will be downloadable for free.

Thirty-five of the vehicles in the test were highlighted in the E-Bike Magazine of Delius Klasing Verlag, which has been in bookshops since 24 March. ExtraEnergy and Delius Klasing hope to turn this into a long-term cooperation. 

Copy: Nora Manthey
Translation: Christo Volschenk
Photo: Michael Burger

26 March 2011



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