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Discover the Mysterious World of Nano

Nano! Uses and visions of a new technology. That's the name of an exhibition which takes the visitor into the mysterious world of nano technology. The complete spectrum of nano technology is on show - from the Lotus effect to fuel cell technology. ExtraEnergy participates in the exhibition and specifically in the area of transport.

Nano! Uses and visions of a new technology runs at the German Occupational Safety and Health (DASA) building in Dortmund from 27 February to 9 October 2011.

Nano technology concerns itself with structures and processes on the nano-meter scale. One nano-meter equals one billionth of a meter. By changing surface structures on the nano-meter level, the characteristics of materials can be altered.

The exhibition takes the visitor on a discovery tour of the mysterious nano world. The wide spectrum of uses is on show - from dirt-repelling textiles to the use of fuel cell technology. Visitors can even experience natural phenomena based on nano effects, such as the self-cleaning characteristics of Lotus leaves (Lotus effect).

Nano technology and fuel cells
According to dr. Frieder Herb, catalyst coating a fuel cell with a nano-platinum particle can improve the activity of that fuel cell.

Fuel cells revert energy carriers into electricity. In this case the energy carriers are combustible fuels, such as hydrogen and methanol.

Fuel cells and light electric vehicles (LEVs)
ExtraEnergy presents two types of fuel cells at the DASA exhibition. The one is the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM-BZ) used in the HYSUN3000. The other is a direct methanol fuel cell.

The HYSUN3000 is a fully enclosed, PEM-BZ-driven bicycle. The rider lies on his back. Hydrogen is the energy carrier used. This model HYSUN3000 proved that the technology functions already back in 2004, when the HYSUN used only 3.3 kg hydrogen on a 3,000-km trip across Europe. That is roughly equal to 12 liters of petrol (the energy content of 1 kg hydrogen equals 3.7 liter petrol).

In addition to the HYSUN3000, ExtraEnergy also exhibits a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC). A sectional model shows what the inside of a DMFC looks like.

>>DASA exhibition site

>>Test IT Show

Copy: Angela Budde
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk
Picture: Frank Ketterl, TECHNOSEUM, State museum for Technology and Labour in Mannheim.

Last amended: 2 March 2011



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