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BIKE EXPO: E-transport Fair of Tomorrow?

A multi-faceted LEV program gave exhibitors and e-interested consumers the perfect platform for testing pedelecs and e-bikes and informing themselves on products, trends and technlogies at the recently held BIKE EXPO. The giant test track, special exhibits and market novelties put the focus of this young bicycle fair squarely on e-transport.

At this year's BIKE EXPO, held from 22 to 25 July 2010 in Munich, the organizer Messe München placed an even stronger focus on electric transport than in 2009, when the bicycle fair for trade and consumer first opened its doors.

Since then ExtraEnergy and Messe München have signed a long-term partnership arrangement making ExtraEnergy responsible for the theme electric transport and co-sponsor of future fairs.

This year the specialists out of Thuringia built the biggest test track yet at any fair for test-riding pedelecs and e-bikes. Lots of fun was had over the 60-meter long track with its 2.6-meter high wooden ramps constructed in Hall C4, the so-called e-mobility hall. For the first time, the fast e-vehicles could also be tested on an outdoor track, which was linked to the indoor track.

On the first and last days of the fair the weather was really conducive to taking the fast vehicles to their limits. Next to the test track 15 firms presented a variety of different pedelecs and e-bikes to interested visitors.

ExtraEnergy registered over 5,500 test riders over the course of the 4 days at the information stand of the organization. The huge ramp, with its grand view over the entre exhibition surface in Hall C4, was crossed on average 9,000 times every day.

The second issue of the ExtraEnergy Magazine on Pedelecs and E-bikes was released at the fair on 22 July. It was co-financed by Messe München and presented most of the electric vehicles on show in Hall C4. Among them were the recently tested 47 pedelecs and e-bikes, which were presented as a group in a separate exhibition. EnergyBus and BATSO also manned exhibits with the latest in the areas of components and international battery standards.

On the first two days dedicated to the industry and trade, there were ample time for test-riding, quality discussions and participating in workshops and award ceremonies. Among others, a workshop was held on the handling of Dangerous Goods. Participants could obtain a certificate for handling Dangerous Goods by successfully completing a test at the end of the one-day workshop. This certificate is a precondition for dispatching lithium batteries used in LEVs, since these batteries have been defined as Class 9 Dangerous Goods by the EU.

On the ExtraEnergy stage in Hall C4 presentations on marketing and technology were given on every day during the fair. On the first day the 9 winners of the 10 product categories in the ExtraEnergy test were honored during an awards ceremony. The fair organizers honored the best new ideas with the awarding of the so-called BrandNew Awards, which was the first time this was also done for LEV concepts. The overall winner of the BrandNew Awards was a player in the LEV market, namely the Copenhagen Wheel Project. Winner of the division LEV market was the firm Third Element with its eSpire e-bike - a vehicle which had earlier also won the category Wellness in the ExtraEnergy test.

>> More about ExtraEnergy awards ceremony
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The fair was open to the general public on day three and four, when all hell broke loose in the three exhibition halls (especially in Hall C4). On the outside test track the pleasant weather invited visitors to take the fast vehicles to their limits, while a carnival atmosphere prevailed at the Big in Bavaria Dirt Jump.

As far as ExtraEnergy was concerned, the BIKE EXPO was a huge success, for the simple reason that e-transport was on everyone's lips and everywhere to be experienced for four fabulous days in a row.

Copy and photos: Susanne Brüsch
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk
6 August 2010



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