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ExtraEnergy at BIKE EXPO 2010

Press releases 19 July 2010

Media statements and other material released at the press conference held in the run-up to BIKE EXPO 2010 and during the 4 days of the fair. Journalists may contact Nora Manthey for answers to questions (contact details below).


ExtraEnergy as partner of BIKE EXPO 2010
The ExtraEnergy presence and the space dedicated to the theme e-transport at BIKE EXPO 2010 will be much bigger than in the past. This year the entire Hall C4 will be dedicated to e-mobility - a hall which offers more than enough exhibition space to manufacturers of pedelecs and e-bikes, manufacturers of LEV accessories and service providers to LEVs.

Read more (Full press release as PDF).

What does ExtraEnergy do?
ExtraEnergy is a non-profit organization promoting the development of light electric vehicles (LEVs), especially pedelecs and e-bikes, around the world. It draws public attention to products and services of excellence in the LEV industry with a range of activities, including product tests, test tracks where the public can test-ride vehicles and the publication of independent information. The organization drives innovation, gives advice, protects the consumer and functions as interface between manufacturers in the LEV sector, their clients and political players.

Read more (Full press release as PDF).

ExtraEnergy at BIKE EXPO 2010

Media photos of BIKE EXPO 2009

List of winning bikes and manufacturers in the Spring 2010 Test. (PDF)

All about the Autumn 2009 Test. (PDF)

All about the 2nd issue of the ExtraEnergy Magazine for Pedelecs and E-bikes. (PDF)

Thanks a lot for your interest. We will appreciate a copy of your published report!

Media contact: Nora Manthey at

Translator: Christoffel Volschenk

18 July 2010




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