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ExtraEnergy turns eighteen

Since its establishment 18 years ago, ExtraEnergy has worked tirelessly to build awareness and push the development of pedelecs and e-bikes. Today, the organization is very pleased to be able to operate in a market with lots of future potential, a wide selection of vehicles and a high public profile. 

ExtraEnergy e.V. extends an open invitation to all to come and celebrate the organization's 18th birthday on 28 June 2010 in Tanna. This will also be an official Day of the Open Door, when visitors will be free to roam the premises of ExtraEnergy, test-ride the latest pedelecs and e-bikes on the market and view the biggest collection of light electric vehicles in the world. Prototypes, new developments, direction-giving icons and curiosities are all on show. The doors will be open to the public from 9 am. to 4 pm. and there will also be guided tours.

>>How to get to ExtraEnergy

Testing at ExtraEnergy
ExtraEnergy started out in 1992, when it compiled a market overview with only three vehicles - the complete selection of e-vehicles then available on the global market. Eighteen years later the sales of LEVs are projected to reach 200,000 units in 2010 in Germany alone and to continue growing thereafter. Today comprehensive tests have replaced market overviews. In 2009 ExtraEnergy started conducting tests twice a year, to cater for the bigger number of new market entries and ensure it reflects fairly the increased activity in the market.

The Spring 2010 Test was completed recently. About 50 participating vehicles are now awaiting the publication of the test results in the ExtraEnergy Magazine, an in-house publication launched earlier this year. The next issue will be on the market in July in time for the BIKE EXPO 2010 with a special feature on design, all test results and a section with advice on pedelecs. Never before has there been a more varied range of bikes tested than in this last test. The vehicles were submitted for testing by a wide variety of manufacturers and in all possible forms and variations.

>>Place an advertisement in the ExtraEnergy Magazine
>>Click here for the first issue of the magazine (English version to follow soon).

Do-it-yourself tests
ExtraEnergy does not only write and publish test reports - it also brings pedelecs and e-bikes to the public for testing. It operates a test track at all major trade fairs and many smaller events all over Europe. As key player in the EU-financed project GoPedelec!, ExtraEnergy travels to major cities in Europe with a specially developed mobile test track to promote e-mobility. The longest test track ever will be in operation at this year's BIKE EXPO in Munich. ExtraEnergy conceived and developed it and will also operate it at the fair, which it co-sponsors.

>>Go Pedelec!
>>BIKE EXPO in overview

The cooperation signed with Messe München for the BIKE EXPO was an important step in the life of ExtraEnergy. It opened the door to a test track of superlatives and a service offer to exhibitors of light electric vehicles, which presents LEVs in all its facets, dimensions and colors. There is still space for exhibitors with innovations and information to share.
>>Last Minute Check-in registration

We thank all our supporters, readers and co-pioneers over the past 18 years and look to the future with optimism and energy!

Translated by: Christoffel Volschenk

21 June 2010



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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