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About Awards, Test-riders and Trophies for Pedelecs

The first issue of the new ExtraEnergy Magazine, which will be in bookstores on 22 March, will contain (among others) the results of the last ExtraEnergy test (conducted in October 2009). In the past, the organization refrained from identifying test winners. Now ExtraEnergy decided to identify winners and publish the names of test winners in the magazine.

The winners will first be announced at the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan on 18 March. On 22 March the winners will be honoured in the first issue of the ExtraEnergy Magazine. Later the winners will again be honoured at a trophy-award event in Dresden on 10 April. This event will also mark the start of the next, big ExtraEnergy test with the ergonomics leg. 

Product categories to match different client needs
For the first time, ExtraEnergy was able to place the bikes tested in different product categories and to select winners for each of the 8 categories from the 44 bikes tested in October 2009. Fourteen client demands were taken into account and weighted differently for the different categories. Finally, the weighted points for the 14 demands were added to the test values calculated after the test rides. You'll find all the detail, including our "Pedelec Psycho Test", in our online issue of the new ExtraEnergy Magazine from the middle of March.

The product categories

The pedelec product categories are: Easy, Business, City Comfort, Holland, Tour, Sport, Wellness and Family Pedelec.

An Easy Pedelec is, for instance, meant for e-riders who expect from their pedelecs to make their daily trips in the city easier and who use them as they did their conventional bikes before. On the other hand, Business Pedelecs are fast and have a long range. A family father do not expect top speeds from his Family Pedelec, but rather lots of support and the ability to accommodate a child seat, or trailer.

Pedelec trophies

The Pedelec Awards can be compared to the Oscars of the film world, since they are awarded in 8 different product categories. With these new awards, ExtraEnergy wants to reward extraordinary pedelecs and drive excellence in the overall market. The award ceremony will be part of the LEV Symposium at the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan and will start at 11.15 am. International representatives of the winning manufacturers are expected to accept their trophies. The German award ceremony will start at 10 am. on 10 April in Dresden. On the same day the new ExtraEnergy test will kick off with the ergonomics leg. Where the ergonomics test will be conducted, will be announced in the near future.

Register as an ergonomics tester

The ergonomic test is part of the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-bike Test. Every time the ergonomic test is conducted in a new city with about 100 volunteers, who submit the bikes to a range of tests on a prepared test track. They have to carry bikes up and down stairways, remove and replace batteries and check the bikes for their suitability for daily use. Every volunteer tester must test as many bikes as possible and complete a questionnaire for each.

Interested volunteers should register themselves as soon as possible. Do it by sending us an e-mail to Further information will then be provided.

Copy: Nora Manthey
Photo: Michael Burger
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk
Date: 13 March 2010



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