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Premiere of Pedelec Awards

On 18 March the LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) industry will experience a special moment, when ExtraEnergy will hand out its brand-new Pedelec Awards to 8 winning companies at the Taipei Cycle Show. By rewarding outstanding performance in the different target markets, ExtraEnergy wants to drive excellence in the market.

These awards may be compared to the Oscars of the film industry, as they are awarded to Pedelecs in 8 different categories, namely: Easy, Business, City-Comfort, Dutch, Touring, Sport, Wellness and Family Pedelecs.

The product categories were introduced by ExtraEnergy in this year's test series and describe different areas of use and needs for LEVs. While e-bikers in urban areas may opt for the so-called Easy Pedelec, which facilitates daily life in the way classic bicycles used to, other users (eg. commuters) may expect nothing less than high speed and long range of their vehicles. They need Business Pedelecs.

With these categories, ExtraEnergy introduced a useful tool for customers and the industry alike, with which to differentiate and distinguish different products for different target groups.

The Pedelec Awards will be handed out during the LEV symposium at the Taipei Cycle Show. The media and spectators are very welcome.

Give yourself a break from the busy life on a fair for a display of excellent product development.

Date: 18th March 2010
Place: Room 401 at Taipei Cycle Show
Time: 11:15 - 11:30am

Copy: Nora Manthey
Image: Michael Burger

8 March 2010



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