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Deutsche Museum opened LEV Exhibition

The LEV Special Exhibition at Deutsche Museum in Munich was opened on February 2, 2006. All pedelecs and e-bikes from the ExtraEnergy Test 2006 and various electrical components are on display until June 2006. The Test Award Ceremony will be held at this prominent location on February 17, 2006.

The organizers of the LEV Special Exhibition, ExtraEnergy e.V. and Deutsche Museum e.V., have opened their first common exposition at the  Verkehrs-
zentrum (Center of Transportation) of the famous Deutsche Museum in Munich on February 2, 2006. In her opening speech, Leader of  Verkehrszentrum, Mrs. Hladky, pointed out that the major goal of the LEV exhibition was to educate visitors on human-electric transportation and teach school kids, students and adults about current products and technology. Hannes Neupert, President of ExtraEnergy, gave an introduction on the subject of light electric vehicles and guided the guests through the exhibition where he introduced every exhibit.

Variety of LEVs in the Spot Light
The special exhibition shows all pedelecs and e-bikes tested during the ExtraEnergy Test 2006 togehter with their test results (so far only the technical data, predicates and evaluations will be published on Feb 17, 2006). On brand-new displays, electrical components such as motors, controllers, batteries, and fuel cells are presented as well as a pedelec by Heinzmann, the world record fuel cell vehicle Hysun3000 and milestones in the history of electric vehicle development by German bicycle manufacturer Hercules. A postal delivery pedelec that is used for battery testing in cooperation with Deutsche Post AG demonstrates how multi-purpose LEVs can be.

Inspiring Environment
The Verkehrzentrum of Deutsche Museum offers a great ambiance for such an exhibition, not only because of it's light-flooded construction but also because of it's content. The Museum owns many unique originals in the history of transportation such as the first car, the first serial production motorcycle, the first electric train and the first bicycle.

The LEV Special Exhibition is located on the 2nd floor of the Verkehrszentrum in central Munich, Theresien-
höhe 14a. It will be open until June 2006.

Test Award Ceremony on February 17, 2006 
In the beautiful auditorium of the Museum, the Award Ceremony of the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test 2006 was held on February 17, 2006. During this festivity the test ratings of all tested bikes were published and the Test Certificates handed out to the manufacturers togehter with the Test Seal award for the best bikes. The organizers were pleased to welcome Mayor of the Regional Capital Munich, Mr. Hep Monatzeder at this event. He is known as a supporter of bicycle traffic.

Supporting Event of the Velo-City Conference 2007
The ExtraEnergy Test Award Ceremony on February 17, 2006 with the presence of the Mayor of Munich, Hep Monatzeder, is part of the supporting program of the Velo-City Conference 2007 in Munich. The local administration as well as manufacturers are invited to promote the international Velo-City Conference during the festivities at Deutsche Museum.

Test Track Events
Test Track events, where visitors can test ride pedelecs and e-bikes on certain weekends are also included in the exhibition agenda. With the support of local dealers, ExtraEnergy and Deutsche Museum intend to enhance the visual by the physical experience of light electric vehicles.

Photos of the LEV Exhibition and Opening Ceremony on February 2, 2006

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February 7, 2006



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