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Presentations Taipei LEV Conference 2006

The International LEV Conference was held during Taipei Cycle Show on March 9 and 10, 2006. Find the lectures and more about the Speakers here.

The International Light Electric Vehicle Conference took place during Taipei Cycle Show,  March 8-11, 2006. In cooperation with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and ExtraEnergy, Show and Congress Organizer TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) invited experts from different fields of the LEV industry to speak about the world market, product development, marketing, batteries and energy consumption.

Congress Agenda:
All speeches were held in English.

March 9, 2006

Session A (Session Chairman: Mr. BM Lin)

Product Tests, LEV Product Segments and their Battery Options
Mr. Hannes Neupert
President of ExtraEnergy, Germany
PDF download (English, 11MB)

Ways to Market LEVs Successfully

Mrs. Susanne Bruesch
PR Manager of ExtraEnergy/Bike Europe Correspondent, Germany
PDF download (English, 6.9MB)

NewRide - LEV Promotion in Switzerland
Mr. Urs Schwegler
Buero fuer Verkehrsplanung, Switzerland
PDF download (English, 4.6MB)

Session B (Session Chairman: Mr. Ed Benjamin)

LEV Business in Shanghai Sales and Service

Mr. Ding Wu Chen
EV S+S, China
PDF download (English/Chinese 480KB)

LEV development at Tokyo R&D
Mr. Masao Ono
President of Tokyo R&D, Japan
PDF download (English, 260KB)

Session C (Session Chairman: Mr. Hannes Neupert)

LEV Rental Service with GPS Support in Italian Cities
Mr. Alessandro Pavoni
HTMWorld, Italy
PDF download (English, 136KB)

Is there a U.S. market? If so – for what and when?

Mr. Eric Sundin
Owner of Electric Bikes Northwest, USA
PDF download (English, 92KB)

March 10, 2006

Session D (Session Chairman: Mr. Masao Ono)

Hubert''s Peak - the End of cheap Oil - what does this mean for the LEV Industry

Mr. Ed Benjamin
President of CycleElectric, USA
PDF download (English, 1.8MB)

Annex XI of IEA Implementing agreement on HEV - Electric Two Wheelers
Mr. Frederic Vergels
Secretary General of AVERE, Belgium
PDF download (English, 340KB)

Session F (Session Chairman: Dr. Mo-Hau Yang)

How to transport Lithium Batteries
Mr. Tim Schaefer
Purchase and Logistics Leader at Gaia Akkumulatorenwerke, Germany
PDF download (English, 4.9MB)

Perspective of LEV Industry in Taiwan

Mr. BM Lin
EV Battery Project Manager at MRL of ITRI, Taiwan
PDF download (English, 1MB)

Congress Agenda for download (PDF, 280KB)

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