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HYSUN3000: Berlin to Barcelona on 3.3 kgs Hydrogen

On its 3000 km ride from Berlin to Barcelona the fuel cell vehicle HYSUN3000 used only 3.3 kgs hydrogen. This equals twelve liters gasoline and is a world record. ExtraEnergy escorted the HYSUN team on part of its tour.

Record Ride started in Berlin
On September 7, 2004, the fuel cell vehicle HYSUN3000 started its record ride in Berlin. It was a sunny morning that lit up the glass-covered court of the Energie-Zentrum in the German capital. In the center of this dignified ambiance there was the HYSUN3000 waiting to be presented to the public after three years of development.

At 11 a.m., PP Representative Jörg Schweigard opened up the press conference. With him on stage were Project Manager Frieder Herb and Secretary of the German Ministry of the Environment, Simone Probst. Under her patronage, the starting signal for the great tour to Barcelona was given after the presentation. Cruising across Berlin City, the HYSUN was escorted by cars, cameras and most of the 22 team members.

On the first day, HYSUN cleaved its way through Berlin rush hour towards Schwerin. On the following days the crew continued to Hamburg, Amsterdam and reached Cologne just in time for IFMA bicycle show. At the press conference in the Historic Town Hall, Holger Hütz from TUV Rheinland stated that HYSUN3000 sets standards for sustainable automotive technology. Mayor Angela Spitzig praised the efforts of the HYSUN team and valued the non-commercial project as an encouragement to the industry to further promote innovative technologies.

From Cologne, the HYSUN team went on south via Lyon, Marseille and arrived in Barcelona on September 22nd. The longest distance they did in one day was 320 kilometers. The cruising speed was between 30 and 40 km/h depending on the riding conditions.

HYSUN broke two World Records
After having crossed the European continent, the HYSUN pilots can’t help a proud smile on their faces. They have not only reached their goals, they have also broken two world records.

HYSUN3000 rode 3005 kilometers on public roads from Berlin to Barcelona––farther than any other fuel cell vehicle has ever before. On one hydrogen filling, the vehicle reached 1,600 kilometers range and proved to be a master of its peers in saving energy. For the entire tour, HYSUN used 3.3 kilograms of hydrogen. This sensationally low energy consumption equals 1.1 gram hydrogen per kilometer or 0.4 liters gasoline on 100 kilometers.

At the hydrogen station in Munich, 3.3 liters of hydrogen cost 12 Euros. In other words, the kilometer price of the HYSUN tour was 0.5 cents. A number, car drivers today can only dream about.

For the HYSUN team, however, a dream has come true with the success of the project. The tour went as scheduled without any major technical problems and earned wide response in the press and public. And, what was most important to the HYSUN engineers, they have set new standards in automotive application of fuel cells. When the German TUV approved the HYSUN for use on public roads, it set a good example in taking the fuel cell vehicle for serious. Another goal of the project was its international character. Press conferences with participation of local TV senders took place in Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain.

Final Presentation at the "f-cell" Symposium in Stuttgart
Having just returned from Barcelona, the HYSUN3000 was presented at the Wissenschaftswoche (Science Week) in Stuttgart, Germany. On September 28, it was exhibited at the “f-cell” congress and fair in Stuttgart, and highly approved by the trade visitors. The “f-cell” symposium and exhibition is a leading forum in Europe for manufacturers and applicants of fuel cells. In 2004 it has grown to 32 exhibitors and about 500 international visitors.

What is the Future of HYSUN?
With its record ride, HYSUN has brought the mystery of fuel cell technology closer to the public eye. Now decorated with the pilots’ signatures, the vehicle will follow up with this goal in various exhibition and presentations. The remaining time, HYSUN3000 will be displayed in the continuous LEV exhibition at the ExtraEnergy headquarter in Tanna.

Photo Gallery
by Susanne Brüsch and Hannes Neupert
Presentation and Press Conference in Berlin
Sepember 7, 2004

First Day Ride from Berlin to Schwerin
HYSUN at the "f-cell" Symposium in Stuttgart

Fuel Cell put to Test
The Vehicle, the Team and its Goals

More about HYSUN3000 and Tour Diary at

Last updated: October 8, 2004



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