Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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Yamaha Easy Super

It has earned its name–– almost everything is super: Strong motor support, comfortable saddle, suspension, automatic gear shift, easy to operate.

Rating 2002: Very good.
Price: 1891,27 €


The Yamaha Easy Super was the favorite of the test team, although they had to get used to the Shimano Auto D gear shift. The Super Mode allows a fast ride, but the speed still stays within the legal limit for Pedelecs. The Easy had the best relationship between the range and average speed. Distances between 18 - 22 miles can easily be achieved, as long as you use the Super Mode once in awhile in order to get especially strong support. It is unfortunate that it is no longer available from Yamaha.

+ extremely powerful assist in Super Mode

- the battery cannot be removed when the saddle is in the lowest position
- very large charger
- 4 gear shifter lasts only about 2 years due to the strength of the motor

Mixed track: 37.2 km / 23.1 mi (standard mode)
Super- mode : 25.8 km / 16 mi
Hill (7%): 4.4 km / 2.7 mi (Super-mode)

Average Speed:
Standard-mode: 23.1 km/h / 14.3 mph
Super-mode: 24 km/h / 14.9 mph

Assistance Factor
Every-day: 2.43
Hill (7%): 2.6

Weight: 29.8 kg / 65.6 lbs

Battery weight: 4 kg / 8.8 lbs
Battery Capacity: 137.35 Wh
Battery Type: NiMH
Replacement battery: 370,- €
Charger: Separate
Charging time: 03:45 (hh:mm)
Accessories / Components:

Other models:
The Yamaha Easy was also available in a more simple version for 1380,- but without the two main features of the easy Super: the Supermode and the Shimano Auto-D shifting.

Contact Information:
Yamaha Motor Europe N.V
PAS OEM Department
Koolhovenlaan 101
1119 NC Schiphol-Rijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 21 31 - 20 13 - 0



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