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Electric bike sales figures across Europe 2018

Super summers and subsidies in some countries lead to explosive pedelec sales across Europe. Sales figures and increase versus prior year.

A summary of the latest pan-European pedelec and ebike sales figures, published by Jack Oortwijn in the BIKEeurope issue of 30th August 2019: E-Bike Sales Skyrockets around Europe.

September 2017 - August 2018: 10,000 units (53% increase versus prior year)

Quadrupled import in the past 5 years: 40,000 units.

Sales doubled in 2018.

2018: 5,000 units

2018: 980,000 units (36% increase versus prior year)

"Today every one out of four bicycles sold in Germany is an electric one."

2018: 409,400 units (38% increase versus prior year)

"The e-bike is now the biggest category in the Netherlands and is becoming the new standard."

2018: 338,000 units (21% increase versus prior year)

"The e-bike category now represents 535 million euro in sales, which accounts for more than 40 percent of French total bicycle market value."

2018: 251,500 units (14% increase versus prior year)

"It makes electric bicycles by far the biggest category of the Belgian market with a market share that stands at close to 50 percent."

2018: 111,000 units

"... almost every third bicycle sold in Switzerland was electrified."

2018: 150,000 units (10% increase versus prior year)

"With that e-bikes are now holding a 33 percent share of the Austrian bicycle market."

2018: 173,000 units (16,8% increase versus prior year)

"... Italy’s e-bike production jumped by 290 percent ..."

2018: 11,297 (55% increase versus prior year)

"... e-bikes now take up close to 11 percent of the total bike market of Spain. That’s unit-wise. Value-wise e-bikes account for a much bigger stake as the average value per unit sold stood at 2,165 euro.

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Source: E-Bike Sales Skyrockets around Europe

Copy, picture, translation: Angela Budde

2nd September 2019

Last update: 17th September 2019



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