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Bafang production worldwide

Fahrrad Essen, Germany. Production of roughly 1 million Bafang motors worldwide. A rise in pedelecs for younger people will come up. Read the interview with Jack Brandsen, General Manager Europe, Bafang Electric Motor Science Technology B.V.


Jack Brandsen, General Manager Europe, Bafang Electric Motor Science Technology B.V., in an interview at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track, presented by Bafang, at the Fahrrad Essen 2019.
The interview was conducted by Angela Budde, Editor
Angela: How many quantities does Bafang produce worldwide?
Jack: We produce roughly 1 mio. motors, the majority of these end up in Europe.
Angela: In which market segments will the pedelec grow most in the next few years?
Jack: I would say in the categories for younger people, there is a big rise in numbers in the next years.
Angela: In the country of cyclists, the Netherlands, 18 years ago the highest percentage of pedelecs per capita were sold in Europe. What role will the purely mechanical bicycle have in the Dutch market in 10 years?
Jack: I would say there will always remain a market for pedal bikes. Maybe people who need a bike, e.g. to go to the train station and only cycle a couple of km, do not need an ebike.
Further information on Bafang drive systems at:
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Copy, translation and picture: Angela Budde
11th March 2019
Last update: 18th March 2019



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