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Brinckers Bretagne M8 - Classic Very Good

Sleek and classic looks with super running performance but tentative brakes. A bike with stable straight-line performance which also rides surprisingly well without its motor.


It’s a pedelec in the Dutch style, which can be racy but doesn’t look it: with the easily-adjustable Vario stem you can achieve an almost sports-like riding position. Anyway, its target audience will ride upright, and even in this riding position the ride remains well cushioned, easily handled, and tracks well, even on gravel tracks.

The braking system is adequate on the flat, but in more hilly terrain, such as on the test circuits in Tanna, the brakes are too weak. “You had to really pull at the brake levers to be able to slow down at all, especially in the wet”, declared the test riders, while also praising the intuitive ease of use: “Everything can be operated from the grips. Very good legibility for both the buttons and the display”.

Test riders did bemoan the slightly excessive delays when changing gear, caused by the motor running on a little. But they were full of praise for the pleasant, and when needed powerful, assistance from the Bafang mid motor, which was also agreeably quiet.
Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 72,8 km
Ø Speed Tour: 25,2 km/h
U-Factor Tour: 1,69

Range Hills: 32,2 km
U-Factor Hills: 1,37

Ø Speed City: 16,6 km/h
U-Factor City: 1,33

Vehicle Weight: 28,8 kg
Battery Weight: 3,9

Vehicle Price: 2.699 Euro
Battery Price: 859 Euro

250W Bafang MaxDrive Mittelmotor

500Wh Li-Ionen 36V, 13,4Ah

Sensor Type
Rotation, torque and speed sensors
Brinckers B.V.
Antw.nr. 47593
1070 WE Amsterdam

Text and Image: ExtraEnergy.org

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão
Last update: 1st January 2019



22nd and 23rd June 2019, Westendorf, Austria, E-bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen

12th to 15th September 2019, Birmingham, England, The Cycle Show Birmingham

5th to 10th November 2019, Milan, Italy, EICMA

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