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Brinckers Granville M330 - Classic Good

A harmonious overall impression. Safe, easy-rolling and pleasant ride. Well suited for city, country and gentler hilly terrain, but on steeper gradients you may want more power.


When it comes to ease of use, the Brinckers Granville M330 is simple and intuitive to understand. The display is in easy reach and also very very legible, while the gears shift easily and well. The performance of the brakes received a very positive verdict from the test riders.
This pedelec demonstrates that sensitivity to motor noise can vary enormously. Reports from test riders ranged from “rather loud and harsh” via “you can hear it but it isn’t distracting” to “just audible”. The testers in the Ergonomics Test rated the drive system running's noise level at a respectable 2 on average. So there is potential for improvement here for the Bosch Active Line motor, to minimise noise levels.
It’s worth taking care with the stem’s quick release, which allows you to easily adjust the handlebar position without tools, because it doesn't always completely tighten, and if it’s not perfectly adjusted the stem will move when you lean on it...
Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 73,9 km
Ø Speed Tour: 23,6 km/h
U-Factor Tour: 1,06

Range Hills: 32,4 km
U-Factor Hills: 0,84

Ø Speed City: 15,7 km/h
U-Factor City: 0,64

Vehicle Weight: 27,4 kg
Battery Weight: 2,8

Vehicle Price: 3199.00 Euro
Battery Price: 859 Euro

250W Bosch Active Line


500Wh Li-Ionen 36V, 13,4Ah

Sensor Type
Rotation, torque and speed sensors

Brinckers B.V. 47593
1070 WE Amsterdam

Text and Image:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão



22nd and 23rd June 2019, Westendorf, Austria, E-bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen

12th to 15th September 2019, Birmingham, England, The Cycle Show Birmingham

5th to 10th November 2019, Milan, Italy, EICMA

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