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Transportation Regulations UN 3090/UN 3091 for Lithium Batteries

By Bernd Hilke
Owner of a r s Gefahrgutberatung (Dangerous Goods Consulting), Germany
ExtraEnergy Lithium Battery Seminar
Karlstein, Germany, Nov 15, 2005


Mr. Hilke explained the content of the transport regulations UN 3090 for Lithium batteries and UN 3091 for Lithium batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment. LEV Lithium batteries belong to dangerous goods class 9 and packaging group II. He also explained the duties of everyone involved in the shipping chain. The sender, logistics partners, the recipient etc. they all have to be instructed on how to handle Lithium batteries. Not conforming to the regulations is against the law.

Nothing will happen if nobody finds out and if no accident happens. Otherwise fines of up to 10.000 Euros (in case of an accident on air transportation) can be charged.

Mr. Hilkes presentation paper focuses on road transport as the most relevant for the LEV industry. It includes relevant regulations in commented legal terms (German) as well as example forms of the required paperwork.



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