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Torrot Citysurfer - Test Winner Folding Pedelec, Easy Good

A Spanish high-flyer in fresh Superman blue. It surprised with plenty of power and solid handling on all of the test routes. 

A folding pedelec with clean lines, and with its fresh colours it won the sympathy of many of the test riders. Weighing just 21.1 kg, but still with very stable ride characteristics, it scored well with the test riders even at 50 km/h downhill. The compact Bafang rear wheel hub motor does sterling work, and on the touring route it achieved an exceptional U-factor of 2.04. For such a compact bike its values for the Hills section, at 1.89, and for the City route, at 1.43, are more than good! The drive system is of the distinctly audible type, although it was rated by the test riders as acceptable. Compromises in the control system are also excusable by the price: the rotation sensor means that the cut-in and cut-out of the motor is somewhat abrupt. But operating the bike is intuitive and self-explanatory. A carrier rack, available as an optional accessory for 59.99 Euro, was fitted to our test bike. Available to fit it are a top case and even a child seat, although you should keep an eye on the maximum rated payload of 99.9 kg.

Product photos, you will find in the photo gallery of the Pedelec Awards Ceremony:

+ high power assist levels: Tour / Hills / City
+ low total weight
+ start and push assist function

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 46,7
Ø Speed Tour: 22,8
U-Factor Tour: 2,04

 Range Hills: 20,2
Ø Speed Hills: 21,8
U-Factor Hills: 1,89

Range City: 25,6
Ø Speed City: 15,4
U-Factor City: 1,43

Vehicle Weight: 21,1 kg
Battery Weight: 2,3 kg

Vehicle Price: 1699 €
Battery Price: 349 €

Sensor Type
Rotation and speed sensors

Start and push assist function, centre stand, folding frame, stem folds and adjusts for height, folding pedals, optional carrier rack (59.99 EUR), 17 litre topcase (75.99 EUR), child seat (96.99 EUR)

Torrot Deutschland GmbH
Potsdamer Platz 1
10785 Berlin

Text and picture: ExtraEnergy.org

Online publication: Angela Budde

15th April 2018

Last update: 24th April 2018



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