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Fahrrad Essen 2018: book now for the ExtraEnergy CHECK IN stand

22 - 25 February 2018, Essen, Germany. The ExtraEnergy CHECK IN stand at Fahrrad Essen is a simple and complete solution for presenting your pedelecs and e-bikes. Booking deadline: 15 January 2018.


Fahrrad Essen is the largest cycle show in Germany´s North Rhine-Westfalia region, and it attracts the largest number of end users of any of Germany´s cycle shows.
Anticipating the start of the cycling season, over 80,000 consumers interested in purchasing pedelecs are again expected to attend. And one feature of Fahrrad Essen that these visitors especially appreciate is the opportunity to try the products out: in 2017 the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track was a real magnet for the visiting public.
Test riding has proven to be the sales technique with absolutely the greatest persuasive effect. You can use the CHECK IN Stand as a perfect extension to your own stand at Fahrrad Essen, or as a stand-alone, logistically straightforward complete solution for your event presentation.
We provide:
- A CHECK IN stand at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track in the Trend Arena, Hall 7
- Test IT Track: 46 x 24 metres
- Ramp to simulate hills
- Experienced staff for the CHECK IN team
The CHECK IN stand includes:
- 16 sqm presentation space
- Lighting: 4 x 150 Watt lights
- Semi-circular table with two saddle stools, and 2 x 230 Volt sockets
- 4 textile side walls, optionally printed with your advertising
- 2 x 230 Volt sockets at ground level
We look forward to you joining us!

Online publication: Angela Budde
Picture: Michael Burger
9 January 2018




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