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Safety Improvements Based on Raw Materials and Ceramic Separators

By Dr. Volker Hennige
Application Technology Manager at Degussa AG Germany
ExtraEnergy Lithium Battery Seminar
Karlstein, Germany, Nov 15, 2005


Degussa is the World’s leading supplier of special chemicals. Dr. Volker Hennige presented Degussa’s LION Power Concept, which combines the Lithium battery material activities and core competencies of the Germany-based company. The product pipeline includes anode and cathode materials, and electrolytes. In a joint venture with ENAX, Degussa produces anodes and cathodes. A new internal startup is the SEPARION Advances Separator to increase safety and performance of Lithium batteries by means of ceramic material.

Dr. Hennige holds the strong opinion that newly developed materials can improve safety and that the UN Transport Regulations have to be adapted to the current state of the art; new standards and test methods have to be defined.



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