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Saphion “Safety – Built In”

By Alastair Johnston
EMEA Sales Director at Valence Technology Inc. Ireland
ExtraEnergy Lithium Battery Seminar
Karlstein, Germany, Nov 15, 2005


Valence is a worldwide operating corporation with a powder plant, pack assembly factory and system engineering facility in China; Sales and Engineering are located in Northern Ireland, and Texas; Battery Research is in England and Testing in Nevada, USA. After a short introduction to Valence Technology Inc., Alastair Johnston presented the Saphion Lithium technology, which Valence has launched in 2003 as the first phosphate-based battery chemistry on the market. Johnston explained that tightly bound Oxygen was the formula for safety. Phosphate-Oxide (P-O) bonds are stronger than Cobalt-Oxide (Co-O) bonds that Lithium batteries usually contain. Phosphate remains thermally stable under extreme abuse.



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