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HOT WHEEL - Your best riding companion

EUROBIKE 2016: Easy maintenance, diversity of choice, powerful motor, pedal assisted system, all in one design, wireless technology, easy installation. Interview with Snow Chen, CEO TUNG KENG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., at the LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE 2016.


DK City, founded in 1987, believes that city-dwellers everywhere dream of freely enjoying a life of health, fitness, happiness and rejuvenation.
At EUROBIKE 2016, ExtraEnergy interviewed Snow Chen, CEO TUNG KENG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. at the LEV Components Special Exhibition. The interview was conducted by Angela Budde (editor, ExtraEnergy).
Angela: What components do you have here?
Snow: We are presenting our very unique electric bike system, the Hot Wheel, here at EUROBIKE 2016. 
Angela: What makes your wheel special?
Snow: We integrate motor,controller and battery inside the front wheel. We are selling “simple” and “easy”. If you buy Hot Wheels , it is very easy to change the normal bicycles to an electric bike. You don’t need to buy additional electric bikes again.  
Angela: Why is DK City presenting its components at the LEV Components Special Exhibition?
Snow: Because we are located in Taichung, we want to find worldwide distributors. We think, the LEV Components Special Exhibition will help us. Three years ago, we booked a both at the EUROBIKE. But this time, we did not have anough time to book. ExtraEnergy is a very professional organzition, so we decided to book the booth with ExtraEnergy. Within the LEV Components Special Exhibition, we made some appointments but also visited the manufacturers at their booths. Back in Taiwan, we will contact the customers again. I think most customers are interested in our system. But they must also test ride it to know how good it is. The test track at INTERMOT would be very interesting for us.
Advantages Hot Wheel
Easy Maintenance: Easy maintaince is facilitated by the detachable power button and controller, the spoke design, and easily obtainable battery information.
Diversity of choice: Three sizes (20“/26“/700C) are available to meet the requirements of riders of all ages.
Powerful Motor: 48V 350W motor provides power from a gentle boost to full assistance. It´s quieter, it´s more stable, and a lot more fun.
Pedal Assist System: Riders are given a boost as they pedal by measuring their effort. When the rider pedals harder, such as when going uphill: the wheel pushes with increasing power. The assistance level is adjustable as per the rider´s need.
All in One Design: Motor, battery, intuitive sensors and controller are all inside the wheel. Simply replace the existing front wheel and you are ready to experience a whole new way of riding your bike.
Wireless technology: Smartphone OS: iOS, Android Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0. With the exclusive Hot Wheel App, you can sync your smartphone to the wheel and use your smartphone to control it.
Easy Installation: With the quick release design, no tools are required for mounting the Hot Wheel on the front forks of your bike. After attaching the pedal sensor, your traditional bike will be fully converted to an electric bike.
Specifications HOT WHEEL
Motor: US: 48V, 350W; EU: 48V, 250W
Size: 20, 26 inch or 700 c rim
Battery: 48 volt 7 A Lithium
Range: Up to 50 km / 31 mi
Charge time: 3.5 - 4 hours
Top speed: 25 km/h (16 mph)
Position on bike: Front
Weight: 6,5 kg / 14.3 lbs
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Dropout: Standard 100 mm
For further information, please contact Snow Chen:
Tel.: 886-4-25321000
About the LEV Components Special Exhibition
The LEV Components Special Exhibition is an easy way to get a quick overview on LEV components offered by suppliers from all over the world.
Simply the best place to meet the product managers and CEOs of all major bicycle manufacturers, as well as globally relevant bicycle dealers and importers. In addition to the LEV Components Special Exhibition, ExtraEnergy organizes its Test IT Track.
How to participate
Potential exhibitors interested in participating at following trade shows can receive further details and booking conditions at:
Contact: Carolin Pfeffer
Text and picture: Angela Budde
13 October 2016



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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