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Fischer Trekking Proline ETD 1401 Test 2015/16

Summary: Whether it’s for a ride to the supermarket or a major tour – this ladies pedelec will stand by its man.

This ladies counterpart to the gents model comes with a lower-placed top tube, making getting on board easier. With its rotation sensor the motor reacts rather late to your pedalling, and the assist also has a long run-on. This makes the start and push assist function especially helpful for hill starts. With a power assistance factor of 1.39, and thanks to the 522 Wh (36 V, 14.5 Ah) Li-ion battery pack, it achieved a range of 89 km on the Tour circuit in highest assistance mode. Fischer had briefly raised the voltage to 48 V and 11.6 Ah, but for this test they once again sent the Trekking Proline Damen at 36 V and 14.5 Ah. Compared to the model tested in spring 2015, this has resulted in higher range figures for all sections of the test. Fischer has opted for well-proven technology here, with the 250W Shen-Yi rear hub motor and the same specification as in the autumn 2014 test. The price, at € 1,249, remains a real bargain. If you are looking for a simple to operate bike with an easy to read display and good power assistance, and if you can live with the rotation sensor, then you can obtain this bike via outlets including Media Markt or Test rides are usually available at the retail stores.

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Copy: Wasilis von Rauch
Translation: Peter Eland
Online Publication: Angela Budde
Picture: Sandra Winkler

1 April 2016



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