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HNF Heisenberg UD1 Test 2015/16

Summary: The UD1 stands out with its clean, straight-lined design, with the battery pleasingly integrated. This easy pedelec also delivers a hugely enjoyable ride.

While its namesake, quantum physicist Werner Heisenberg, made history with his Uncertainty Principle, nothing is the least bit uncertain about this easy pedelec. The frame is compact and pared down to the bare essentials. So there is no classic carrier rack; instead there is an elegant attachment system for luggage, barely noticeable on the mudguards. They have also come up with something special to integrate the battery pack: the extended cover gives the impression that the pack is part of the frame. There is a minor downside to this cover: it makes swinging your foot through a little harder. The specification is top class – that goes for the Supernova lighting system as well as for the brakes and tyres. With the Bosch Performance motor, combined with a stepless transmission, ergonomic grips and belt drive, you’ll be riding along as easy as can be.

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Copy: Wasilis von Rauch
Online Publication: Angela Budde
Picture: Sandra Winkler

28 March 2016



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