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High Torque Electric Wheel Hubs for LEVs

By Frank Moeller
Director of Engineering at DriveTec, England
LEV Conference, Taipei, March 2005


Frank Moeller presented an electric hub drive system that sounds like it will make all dreams about LEV motors come true––a compact hub unit, light weight, extremely high torque and efficiency, low price in mass production. Inside the hub the entire gear is turning instead of single gear wheels, which will allow 100% efficiency in regular use. Thanks to continuously variable gear transmission ratio this small light weigh motor will still take the rider up any hill. It is efficient when riding fast and efficient when riding slowly. Basically, in the way the motor works it can be compared to the Swizzbee motor, just in a hub. Part of its secret is the idea of power split into mechanical and electric power. For technically more detailed information, please see the full presentation at

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