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A High End Market for LEVs in the USA

By Ed Benjamin
Vice President LEV Division WaveCrest Laboratories, Virginia, USA
LEV Conference, Taipei, March 2005


Mr. Benjamin provided a very well structured overview of the key characteristics and requirements of the American market including sales channels, regulations, customer expectations, product liability issues etc. Price is a key factor to the US customer, says Ed Benjamin. Most people don’t know much about LEVs and the only indication they have to decide if a product is good or bad quality is price. The best sales argument is still a test ride. American consumers expect a product to be ready to use and good after sales service. Mr. Benjamin characterizes the US market as “not easy, not large, and full of traps”. For foreign manufacturers who want to sell in the USA, his presentation is a must-read. It points out where the traps are and how to avoid them.

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