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LEV World Market

By Hannes Neupert
President of ExtraEnergy, Tanna, Germany
LEV Conference, Taipei, March 2005


Hannes Neupert addressed the world market situation and its future potential. Part of his speech was dedicated to the benefits of light electric individual transportation and technological trends and needs.

The ExtraEnergy President stated that the world market has grown from 200,000 units in 1996 to a number between 5 and 10 million units depending on which source to trust on the China numbers.
To provide an overview of the various light electric vehicles on the market, Mr. Neupert classified them into four LEV categories: human-electric vehicles (pedelecs etc), pure electric vehicles that he divided into transportation, sports and utility categories. His presentation paper includes numerous examples on every group with technical details and estimated sales potential.
According to his estimates, the major growth of the LEV industry is still ahead of us especially for light-weight pedelecs. Mr. Neupert regards pedelecs to be the most important group from an ecological, health-related, political and economical point of view.

As key factors for market growth Mr. Neupert named advanced technology, effective marketing, good design, and cooperation. For the European market, he warns from deteriorating quality at too high prices. The market needs 800-1200 Euro products to grow more rapidly, he says.

In terms of technology, Lithium batteries have improved in performance and availability but there is still a safety issue. Currently, ExtraEnergy is conducting a safety test on battery packs. There are indications that in the near future, Li-Ion cost by the Watthour might be even lower than NiCd.
Another key factor for the market is a standardized communication language for the electric components says Mr. Neupert. The so-called EnergyBus protocol is under development with the support of ExtraEnergy and ITRI. As a result of a standard protocol development times and cost can be reduced.

One hour in Taipei was far too short to go into detail on all these topics. Even for those who attended the seminar it is worth having a closer look at the full paper.

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