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Everyday and tour test riders autumn 2015

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike riding test autumn 2015 is completed. The test riders. What is their motivation to participate in the ExtraEnergy Test? What are their favorites in the test?

The ExtraEnergy test rides include instrumented riding on everyday and touring circuits, as ell as an extra test for off-road pedelecs.

During these test rides, the performance of each bike is tested by at least five test riders under a variety of conditions, and every test rider rides each pedelec.

The instrumented rides are essential for the determination of values for power assist factor (Tour), power assist factor (City), power assist factor (Hills, speed (Tour and City), range (Tour), range (Hills) as well as the values for ride performance with and without the motor.

At the conclusion of every test ride the test riders fill out questionnaires, awarding marks for each bike.

The test riders in the riding test autumn 2015
A total of eight test riders rated the pedelecs in all weathers.

>> photos test riders (flickr)

About their motivation to participate in the ExtraEnergy pedelec and e-bike test and their favorites.

Armin Hanft
Age: 66
Weight in kg: 82
km cycled 2015: 3,000
Favourite in test: Flyer TX 7.70

Motivation: I am interested in the drive systems and the technique. I want to use the accumulated experience in order to buy an pedelec in 2016.

Enrico Dumke
Age: 30
Weight in kg: 80
km cycled 2015: 2,500
Favourite in test: my Stromer ST2S

Motivation: I wanted to experience the drive systems in the ExtraEnergy test and to follow the current market trend.

Ernst Wipfli
Age: 66
Weight in kg: 77
km cycled 2015: 1,200
Favourite in test: Fischer Proline Trekking ETH 1606

Motivation: I love the challenge of testing, and as a pedelec rider the opportunity to get to know and ride the latest technology and pedelecs.

Klaus Dellian
Age: 72
Weight in kg: 72
km cycled 2015: 2,000

Favourite in test: my Stromer ST2S

Motivation: I am always interested in what´s new in pedelecs, especially the drive systems.

Klaus Schwabe
Age: 64
Weight in kg: 75
km cycled 2015: 3,000
Favourite in test: Bergamont Contrail C 8.0 Nyon

Motivation: I enjoy cycling. So far, I have been set rather skeptical about pedelecs. After I was able to form an own opinion, I am convinced that I will buy a pedelec in about 2 - 3 years.

Tabea Ruß
Age: 40
Weight in kg: 86
km cycled 2015: 1,500
Favourite in test: GIANT Dirt E+0

Motivation: Challenge of the test, pleasure in riding pedelecs.

Wasilis von Rauch
Age: 36
Weight in kg: 87
km cycled 2015: 2,000
Favourite in test: GIANT Dirt E+0

Motivation: It's fun to compare the many new drives and models and test them on the test track under real conditions. So you know what's new on the market. For this purpose, the ExtraEnergy Test is also a nice fitness program outdoors.

Wolfgang Schneider
Age: 62
Weight in kg: 80
km cycled 2015: 4,000
Favourite in test: GIANT Dirt E+0

Motivation: I am an enthusiastic MTB and racing cyclist. In discussions, the subject pedelec is becoming more common. Now I can have a say and can even contribute experience.

Copy, translation and picture: Angela Budde

17 November 2015




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