Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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The test pedelecs autumn 2015

In autumn 2015, a total of 26 pedelecs subjected the ExtraEnergy everyday, touring and ergonomics test. Among a total of four off-road pedelecs. Here you will find a list of all pedelecs in the test.

ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs and e-bikes since 1992.

The bikes
Look forward to the test results of the following pedelecs which were tested in autumn 2015:

A2B ENTZ Deluxe

Bergamont Contrail C 8.0 Nyon

eflow ER2

Fahrrad XXL Carver Cityzen 1050

Fahrrad XXL Carver PHT E CPS

Fahrrad XXL Carver Route E03

Fahrrad XXL Dancelli Fashion E02

Fischer Proline MTB EM 1608

Fischer Proline Trekking ETH 1606

Flyer TX 7.70

GIANT Dirt E+0

Hercules Futura F8

Hercules Robert/-a Pro R8

HNF Heisenberg UD1

Kalkhoff Integrale 10

Kalkhoff Premium 8/8 R

Kettler Explorer HDE

Kettler Traveller E Sport

Kettler Twin RT

Klever Q Compact Power

Kreidler Vitality Eco 6 City

M1 Schwabing S-Pedelec

my Stromer ST1 S

my Stromer ST2 S

Raleigh Ashford S10

SFM Saxxx Urbano

>> photo gallery test bikes (flickr)

Manufacturer interviews
ExtraEnergy wanted to know more about the specific nature of certain vehicles. Read the articles in German language here:

>> Raleigh Ashford S10

>> Kalkhoff Integrale 10

>> Kalkhoff Include Premium


>> Carver und Dancelli

>> Ninebot

Copy, translation and picture: Angela Budde

17 November 2015

Last update: 2 June 2016



8th - 22nd September 2017
ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Riding Test

3rd - 4th October 2017
Wassenaar, Netherlands
ExtraEnergy Ergonomics Test

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