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The reference bike

The benchmark or reference bike is a normal bicycle, so not fitted with any extra motor or battery. The pedal power used on this bike is compared with the power applied when pedalling a pedelec at the same average speed.

The pedal power, which will be applied at a lower level on the pedelec, will be supplemented by the motor to reach the same total. This additional assistance is expressed as the power assistance factor (U-factor).

The model used, a Kalkhoff Agattu, was chosen because it is similar to many pedelecs in geometry and in components fitted.

Test riders have awarded the reference bike subjectively very good ride quality, and furthermore, even when the going got tougher for the test riders, all managed the steepest section of the test circuit, with a 15 % gradient, on this bike, without dismounting.

Copy and picture: ExtraEnergy

Translation: Peter Eland

Online publication: Angela Budde

17 November 2015



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