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E-vehicles at Challenge Bibendum in Berlin

In 2011 the Challenge Bibendum will be held in Berlin from 18 to 22 May. The event has been organized by Michelin since 1998. Over the years it has gained a reputation for its future-orientation and so became a drawcard for media representatives and political decision makers around the globe. ExtraEnergy will construct and operate a test track for bicycles at the event in Berlin, and invites LEV sector manufacturers to participate. 

Originally, the Challenge Bibendum was aimed at the car industry and focused on sustainable transport. For instance, the first race (from Clermont-Ferrand to Paris) was a demonstration of technological innovation.

Since then the focus has widened to include all modes of sustainable transport.

Your vehicle at the Challenge Bibendum
As a media partner ExtraEnergy will be responsible for the test track for bicycles at the Challenge Bibendum.

The organization offers manufacturers three alternative ways of participating in this unique event: With a single vehicle on a shared fair stand; with an own stand next to the test track and with direct access to the test track, or thirdly, with two Check In stands next to the track and a selection of bikes (at least 20) to be used as part of the shuttle service for visitors.

>> Registration form for the Challenge Bibendum

Challenge Bibendum 2011
This year at least 500 international media representatives are expected to join a big number of politicians at the event. The Challenge Bibendum unites a number of test-riding events, rally events through the city and symposia on the grounds of Berlin's erstwhile Tempelhof airport. The doors of the event will open to the public on 21 and 22 May.

This year the expert focus of the event will be on safety on the streets with a growing number of traffic participants. It will also be the special focus of the next issue of the ExtraEnergy Magazine due for publication with the BIKE EXPO.

Copy: Nora Manthey
Translation: Christo Volschenk
Picture: Challenge Bibendum

4 April 2011



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