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Conclusion Bike Test 2002

The quality of the bikes tested has become very reliable––but it were the best ones available. The Rolltech Lithium-Ion bike proved that the new battery technology works for a pedelec.

Generally speaking the product quality and performance has increased compared to last year’s test. This refers to the bicycles and the electric components including batteries and chargers. Most of the bikes survived the test without any technical problems.

This overall result to a great deal depends upon the participants. Basically, in this years test the elite of the market was tested. This is great on the one hand because the test reflects an improving product quality in the higher market level, which is always more encouraging to look at. On the other hand the results are not representative for the total of products sold on the market.

To take all product levels into better account ExtraEnergy plans to buy some of the low-end products to test them for comparison in the next test.

For the first time a pedelec with Lithium-Ion batteries participated in the test—the Roll-Tech “City-fully”. Its very good test results have proved, that the Li-ion technology can manage the demand for high current draw on a bike. A handicap is still the high price, but when it will come down Li-Ion batteries will have the potential to replace currently used battery technologies in the pedelec / e-bike sector.



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