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Testing off-road pedelecs

ExtraEnergy has tested pedelecs and e-bikes as an independent organisation since 1992. The tests have always been carried out under predominantly real-world conditions, and they include a riding test, the ergonomics test and now, for the first time, an extensive off-road pedelec test.

Sandra Winkler (MD, ExtraEnergy Test GmbH) said: “It is because of the steady growth of off-road pedelecs in the market, and as a result of repeated demands from manufacturers, that we decided to carry out an extended off-road pedelec test as part of our Autumn 2014 test season. This lets us test off-road pedelecs for their performance in off-road conditions in addition to the ergonomics test and the riding tests for performance in everyday riding and on tour.”

The test circuit is located at the Bleilochtalsperre in the Saale-Orla region, runs through Saalburg and Kulm, and meets the specific needs of off-roading. “We are delighted to have attracted professional riders from the mountain biking world to our test track, as they can ride superbly and bring with them a great understanding of the technology.”

One of the six test riders for the off-road pedelec test is Marco Hösel, six times World Champion Trials rider. “The test circuit has everything we need,” Marco Hösel confirmed. “Flat sections, steep, sharp climbs and lovely flowing trails with technical sections. There’s nothing else needed: it’s the perfect test environment to compare the various drive systems under review, be they on hardtails or fullies. Cool bikes, fine weather, and great supervision by the ExtraEnergy team. Simply perfect. Ride on.”

>> Impressions ExtraEnergy Test autumn 2014 (flickr)

This practical testing season has now closed, and after analysis of the measured data, the test results will be published in the ExtraEnergy Magazine in Spring 2015.

Copy and picture: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland (

9 December 2014




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