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Energy Storage Systems

Lectures on energy storage systems within the LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE and INTERMOT 2014. Downloads now available

Energy storage is the key element in every electric vehicle.
Since lithium ion battery technology entered the pedelec market in 2002, the market has developed rapidly. But even today there are still many innovations and improvements in the pipeline for market launch.

In this short lecture, key suppliers of battery packs for Light Electric Vehicles introduced their products’ main features and gave hints about future developments.

Johannes Dörndorfer (Johannes Dörndorfer, Managing Director and Head of Development, ropa engineering GmbH): "We are thinking about a standard battery. One type in different applications. Usable e.g. for  bigger boats or electric screw drivers. EnergyBus is very important for us. To have an endless range with your vehicles, the batteries can be exchanged, e.g. in a supermarket. Easy to implement. Only the intelligent connector has to be implemented."

>> EnergyTube (PDF)

>> ropa Evolution (PDF)

For further information, please visit:

>> www.ropa-engineering.com

Andreas Gronarz (Andreas Gronarz, Director of Business Development Central & Eastern Europe Director, Forsee Power): "We have three main businesses in the growing markets: Portable, electric vehicles / mobility and stationary energy storage."

Read company profile:

>> English

>> German

>> Chinese

Dr. Mo-Hua Yang (TD HiTech Energy Inc.) talked about Battery technology: What is possible in terms of reliability and lifetime?

>> Battery technology (PDF)

Read company profile:

>> English

>> German

>> Chinese

Marcel Wilke (Managing Director, Accurate Smart Battery Systems):" Today, the battery has to be much smarter than in the past. Another important point is the user. The user is different. So, we collect user parameters to create user independent profiles. What we also do is to use an accelerometer on the BMS to find out if the battery has been dropped.

For further information, please visit:

>> www.accurate-gmbh.de

Further speaker was Sven Bauer (CEO BMZ GmbH).

For further information, please visit:

>> www.bmz-gmbh.de

Impressions of the LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE 2014:

>> photo gallery (flickr)

LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE on Facebook:

>> www.facebook.com

Text and picture: ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG

18 July 2014

Last update: 4 October 2014



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