Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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An interactive experience at ExtraEnergy e.V.

The open day at ExtraEnergy e.V. brought together Pedelec Adventure with EnergyBus-compatible products. Visitors streamed to the Saale-Orla district on the 24th May 2014 and gained a glimpse of how the future, networked by EnergyBus, will look.

The latest EnergyBus-compatible products, a Pedelec Adventure through Iceland and information about Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), such as pedelecs and e-bikes, all captivated visitors to the open day at ExtraEnergy e.V..

Of around 150 visitors, a total of 45 took advantage of the opportunity to test-ride pedelecs. Around 10 percent of these came from over 100 km away (Chemnitz), and some even came to visit ExtraEnergy in Tanna from Munich, 316 km distant.

EnergyBus interactive
The first communication-enabled vehicle, the Stromer ST2, was on hand at the ExtraEnergy e.V. open day for test riding. Michael Jaeger (Account Manager Germany at myStromer AG) had brought a total of eight vehicles with him to Tanna: seven of the ST1, and one ST2.

The Stromer ST2 is networked via the EnergyBus communication standard both internally and with its charger, as well as to other devices such as mobile phones via Bluetooth, to the internet via GSM and for precise satellite-aided location via GPS. Because all of these communication channels are available, operations such as software updates or locking the vehicle are possible over the internet.

So which innovations will have a sustainable influence in the marketplace?
In his technical presentation Hannes Neupert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy e.V.) highlighted technologies which will change the world radically. Following up this theme, Michael Jaeger presented Stromer’s cloud-based ‘OMNI’ platform, and Johannes Dörndorfer explained EnergyTubes, the energy storage system with swarm intelligence based on the EnergyBus protocol. All questions about EnergyBus implementation and training were answered by Torsten Gedenk.

From bike mechanics to bike mechatronics

Alexander Feller (Training and Development, Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH) visited the open day out of both professional and personal interest. Personally, he was keen to visit the LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) Museum in Tanna. His professional interest was in ExtraEnergy’s dealer training courses, and in how they might impart enhanced knowledge to his trainees. This is highly relevant, because in the near future there will no longer be training for the “Two-wheeler Mechanic: Bicycle Specialist” qualification. Instead, given the rapid ride of the pedelec, this qualification will be replaced by a new professional title: “Two-wheeler Mechatronics: Bicycle Specialist”.

Making new contacts

Susanne Brüsch, frontlady for Pedelec Adventures, had visitors on the edge of their seats with her multimedia show about the Iceland Challenge. She summed up the day: “I was delighted that there were so many visitors there. It was especially good to see that many of the guests accompanied me so whole-heartedly on our 30-minute journey through the natural wonders of Iceland. Overall, the open day was once again a superb opportunity to make interesting new contacts.”

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Copy: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland (

6 June 2014




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