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Test-riding Pedelecs and E-bike most persuasive

Test-riding is the best way to sell consumers on pedelecs and e-bikes. Since 1997 ExtraEnergy has convinced thousands of people on its so-called Test IT Tracks. Today manufacturers, the European Union (EU) and event organizers also believe in the power of test rides - as partners in the ExtraEnergy Test IT Show.

Test ride most persuasive
New technology has to be made tangible to prove convincing. ExtraEnergy has been working to make e-mobility perceptible for the broad public for the past 18 years. 

Over time, test-riding pedelecs and e-bikes has proved itself to be the most persuasive method. Sceptics will turn into enthusiasts after a few rounds on the test tracks - especially the ones that have not been on a bike for years. 

Studies on test-riding
ExtraEnergy´s figures based on experience are backed by results of other studies, i.e. the "Electric Two-Wheelers - Effects on the mobility behaviour", conducted in Switzerland. 

The authors suggest LEV promotion should be focused on heavily motorized households, since LEVs are likely to replace short rides in the city. Not "only cyclists" should be targeted, but the electric bicycle should be presented as an alternative to the car. 

The trend towards pedelecs is boosted by the rising cost of driving a car and a stronger ecological consciousness. Both results in a changed mobility behaviour.

In 2007 the Eurobarometer on European Transport Regulation showed 56% of EU citizens were already trying to save gasoline by walking and cycling more.

Electric bicycles have the potential to transform even more car drivers into cyclists, because they take the edge out of cycling. Slopes, head wind or the sheer effort of cycling are leveled on a pedelec or e-bike. However, you first need to experience it to believe it.

The Test IT Show
The ExtraEnergy Test IT Tracks are known to many people all over the world, as well as to the industry and event organizers. On these test tracks on fairs and other events pedelecs and e-bikes of all kinds can be tried out for free. 

The set-up includes curves, straights and a 20m long slope with a 10% incline. Therefore, all strengths of the vehicles can be experienced. 

While the test tracks were travelling on their own, from 2011 ExtraEnergy will concert its efforts and issue the Test IT Show. Three mobile Test IT Tracks shall be heading for up to 50 stations all over Europe. This needs strong partners.

The Partners
The GoPedelec! project is supported by the European Union. ExtraEnergy´s part in the project is the delivery of one mobile test track and sharing of its expertise on e-mobility. Within the Test IT Show, the EU project enables the show to go to cities and prominent public spaces all over Europe. 

GoPedelec! is part of the Intelligent Energy Europe Program, which aims at more energy efficiency. ExtraEnergy and its partners in the project are promoting pedelecs and e-bikes through offering test rides andin-depth information. One focus lies with municipal decision makers. 

From now on, manufacturers of Light-Electric-Vehicles can participate in the Test IT Show by making vehicles and expertise available on the Test IT Tracks. ExtraEnergy takes care on all logistics, planning, promotion and supervision.

Apart form European appearances, the Test IT Show consists of tradeshows, festivals and more. Therefore it focuses on audiences that have not yet heard of pedelecs and e-bikes - the non-cyclists. 

Tradeshow organizers, cities and municipalities, tourism centers, companies or entrepreneurs can become part of the Test IT Show. All that is needed, is space. The rest is supplied by ExtraEnergy, such as the ramp, vehicles and expertise. 

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Criteria for participation

The spaces on the Test IT Show are limited. Therefore, applications will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. 

The cooperation with the European Union and the organization's orientation implies a commitment to show the greatest possible variety on vehicles, manufacturers, drive systems and locations. 

If applications of manufacturers from different countries with similar vehicles are handed in, the least repesented might be chosen for the Test IT Show. 

The Test IT Show promotion is conducted on all channels in German and English. The offer will be announced via newsletters and press releases on a regular basis.


Copy: Nora Manthey
Photo: Susanne Brüsch 

2 December 2010

Last update 30 March 2012



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