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Why LEV components are relevant at a computer show

From the 10th to 14th of March 2014, around 210 000 trade show visitors had the opportunity to learn all about the latest developments in the LEV components market at the ExtraEnergy Services GmbH stand at CeBIT 2014.

Among the software developers, security solutions for PCs and smartphones, drones and multifarious communication apps, the LEV Components Special Exhibition was displaying, at CeBIT in Hanover and on its second successful trade show appearance, products from numerous component manufacturers for the Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) sector.

From the 10th to 14th of March 2014, in Hall 12 and at stand number D92, all interested parties could find out exactly how electric vehicles fit into the exhibition concept of the largest IT trade show in the world – and why pedelecs are especially relevant for this audience. Many curious and, at first, puzzled looks were followed up eventually by specific questions about drive systems, battery performance and display functionality: all questions that the team from ExtraEnergy Services GmbH und Co. KG were delighted to answer comprehensively.

The fact that pedelecs, in contrast to conventional bikes, are made up of more than just frame, brakes and gears was illustrated by means of practical examples at the LEV Components Special Exhibition. Asian companies E-ParTions, Bafang, Wuxing Bicycle, Tianjin Songzhen and YingYu presented their products through posters and poster-mounted components, including electric drive systems, lighting systems, displays, twist throttles and cables. Visitors left the stand with a newly-won understanding that technology and IT solutions don’t just find applications just in computers; instead they’re also increasingly applied in electric vehicles.

In this regard there was much emphasis on information about standardised energy management, presented as part of the exhibition about EnergyBus. The programme was rounded off with talks from Hannes Neupert on the applications for electronics and software in Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) and by Torsten Gedenk, Managing Director of EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH, about EnergyBus applications for LEVs.

The LEV Components Special Exhibition will be on show again from the 13th to 16th April at the China Cycle Show in Shanghai, where a highlight will be the presentation of a comprehensive overview of electric drive systems currently on the market for LEVs.

>> Image gallery (flickr)

Potential exhibitors interested in participating at this and following trade shows can receive further details and booking conditions from Isabel Wolf (Exhibition Manager, LEV Components Special Exhibition) at:


>> Details and booking form (PDF)

About the LEV Components Special Exhibition
The LEV Components Special Exhibition is a service from ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG.

Founders and Managing Directors of ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG are Hannes Neupert and Jean Chen.

For further details of ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG. please see:

>> LEV Components Special Exhibition – World Premiere

LEV Components Special Exhibition at the Taipei Cycle Show 2014:

>> World tour kicks off with a successful start

Copy: Isabel Wolf

Translation: Peter Eland (

Photos: ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG.

Date: 19th March 2014




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