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Ananda Drive Techniques - New electric bike Drive Systems

New electric bike drive systems of Ananda Drive Systems in the special exhibition LEV Components at ISPO BIKE 2013.

Ananda Drive Techniques is major in electric bicycles motor and its control system, and its newly-developed intelligent brushless DC motor drive system has won national new product honorary title and is successfully promoted in the electric bicycle industry.

Ananda Drive Systems at ISPO BIKE 2013
New electric bike drive systems of Ananda Drive Systems in the special exhibition LEV Components in the E-Mobility Hall B6.

EBS F108
EBS F 108 is a high level front drive system, with very compact motor compatible with roller brake. The battery pack is designed cool and compact, without any lose in the capacity and power. A top-grade OLED display is also applied, supplying comfort and friendly experience.

EBS C125
Continuous torque up to 40 Nm is generated by BB motor with 5A current, that makes long ride in mountains become easy. With built-in Bottom Bracket torque sensor, it greatly optimized the response of motor, as well as the drivability and power, making the riding comfort. You will get further fun with the OLED HMI that is the top technology.

EBS R180
Due to powerful battery pack paired with noise and vibration free direct drive motor, the EBS R180 supplies with long distance travel and high power in climbing. But you will never feel stiff with it, thanks to well-tuned control unit, combined with hidden sine wave controler and rider-friendly HMI OLED display, it makes your riding smooth and joyful.

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Text: Ananda Drive Techniques

Photo: Angela Budde

26 July 2013






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