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E-Mobility Guide ISPO BIKE 2013

E-Mobility at ISPO BIKE 2013. The E-Mobility Guide provides all information on E-Mobility offered in hall B6 - now available! Test ride new drive systems which will be available in 2014. Read the side event program, the hall plan, LEV component exhibitors and more.

ExtraEnergy is the ideal sponsor of the ISPO BIKE of Messe München International. The organization has worked on e-mobility for the last 21 years and stands for the concept and design of the show’s e-mobility segment.

E-Mobility at ISPO BIKE 2013
Enter the E‐Mobilty Hall by passing under the arch of the ramp of the test track or cross the electric bustle over the bridge. ExtraEnergy puts hall B6 under the spell of the »E«. Nested within the track, you will find the info booths, the stage, exhibitions and the exhibitors of Light‐Electric‐Vehicles (LEVs) just waiting for you to test ride. Caution – Conviction is guaranteed.

The E-Mobility Guide provides all information offered in hall B6. A free download is available here:

>> E-Mobility Guide ISPO BIKE Halle B 6 (PDF)

Text: Angela Budde
Illustration: Moritz Grünke

18 July 2013



18 April - 31 May 2017
Tanna, Germany
ExtraEnergy pedelec and e-bike riding tests

10 - 13 May 2017
Wassenaar, Netherlands
Ergonomics Test

30 June 2017, Westendorf in Brixental in the Kitzbühel Alps, Tirol, Austria
E-Bike Conference

1 - 2 July 2017, Westendorf in Brixental in the Kitzbühel Alps, Tirol, Austria
Test IT Show, LEV Components Special Exhibition

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