Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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EBIKE - Future, Quality & Emotion at ISPO BIKE

Test ride high-tech, style & class with EBIKE Advanced Technologies at ISPO BIKE from 25 to 28 July 2013.

From 25 to 28 July 2013, test riding pedelecs and e-bikes is at the center of attention at ISPO BIKE in Munich.

Easy Testing
Pedelecs and e-bikes beg to be ridden. Therefore the heart of the ISPO BIKE E-Mobility hall features a huge  indoor test track, mega-ramp included. Check-in booths along the track allow quick access to test ride electric bikes. Get on a pedelec and ride is the motto. Take advantage of on-site, hands-on test opportunities with pedelecs of EBIKE Advanced Technologies.

The Core of the Brand
"Future, quality & emotion. EBIKE Advanced Technologies is the first and only electric bike brand on the market, that incorporates the entire value-added chain from R & D right through to retail and customer service.

EBIKE models are assembled in Germany. Here, they are equipped with high-tech components of leading specialists and finished with the brand-unique fine line.

The registered design by EBIKE COMFORT, SPORT and RACE not only divides an EBIKE from other electric bikes, but also shows how fine a line can be between varnish and art.

EBIKE got a New Idea Rolling
The world of electrical moving vehicles is changing with EBIKE. To ride an EBIKE in the city is extremely cool, practical, fast and delivers an entirely new attitude of life.

This is how a holistic piece of art is born from high tech and design: The Art of Advanced Technologies.

Visit EBIKE Advanced Technologies in the E-Mobility hall B6 at booth no. 214 and for test rides at the CHECK IN booth no. CI.25.

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ISPO BIKE at a single Glance
25 - 26 July 2013 (only trade visitors)
27. - 28. Juli 2013 (public days)
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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>> ISPO BIKE 2013 - Pedelec Experience XXL

Copy and translation: Angela Budde, EBIKE Advanced Technologies GmbH
Picture: EBIKE Advanced Technologies GmbH

2 July 2013



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