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ADAC conducts Pedelec Test in Tanna

In December ExtraEnergy was privileged to host special guests in Tanna: Three employees of the Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobil Club (ADAC) - all with the surname Müller (really!). They came to Tanna to test pedelecs. This is what happened…

Even the automobile-dedicated organization ADAC had to take notice of the new trend in transport sooner or later. And last December it happened, when ADAC tested 10 pedelecs in Tanna with the help of ExtraEnergy.

That these two organizations cooperated, should not surprise. Both organizations have been conducting product tests for mobile consumers for many years, both are important advisors to industry and both organizations believe in the future of the motorized bike.

With the cooperation, both organizations saw an opportunity to address target groups for whom pedelecs do not immediately spring to mind, but could nevertheless be of interest.

The conditions for cooperating were agreed quite quickly: ADAC would buy 10 bikes in the trade and bring them to Tanna with three test riders. Six of the 10 bikes were first tested by ExtraEnergy in September 2009. (Results due for publication in March this year.) In Tanna ExtraEnergy would fit its specialized measuring instruments to the bikes and then ADAC would conduct a completely new test.

This was done and the three ADAC riders tested the 10 bikes intensively over a 7-day period.

The test riders

The three brave test riders were R. Müller, head of bicycle testing at ADAC, M. Müller, head tyre tester and M. Brassler, an experienced ExtraEnergy test rider. The third Müller stood by as support rider, while also reporting on the test for the ADAC publication Motorwelt. As in September, this test was supervised by the head of testing at ExtraEnergy Andreas Törpsch.

Weather conditions were tough and wintry, but Tanna showed off its snow-free side. ADAC brought 10 pedelecs along - all bought in the trade without mentioning that the bikes would be tested. As far as possible, the bikes were selected to represent the spectrum of motor systems available in Germany, such as Panasonic, TranzX and BionX. ExtraEnergy's proven measuring instruments were used in the test, which measure, among others, the reach, support factor and average speed of the bikes. The test track was the usual one, namely a 15-kilometer long track snaking through and around Tanna and including a mountain, tour and city section.
The testers encountered no technical problems. But, they had to fight fatigue, the cold and animals. The cold was neutralized with regular cups of coffee and lots of cake. The fauna required something more, namely elegant dismounts and desperate jumps over ditches, to escape the resident German shepherd dog.

The results
… are not divulged just yet. At this point, we would just like to say: Barking dogs, also bite. More will be revealed in the spring edition of ADAC Motorwelt and on the ADAC website. The results of the ExtraEnergy pedelec and e-bike test 2009/10 (conducted on almost 50 bikes in September), will be released in March 2010.

All that remains, is to say the test confirmed that full-blooded car enthusiasts can fall in love with pedelecs. Mr. R. Müller made the following remark: "I've been converted. Still, I suggest you test the vehicles yourself - that is always the best way."

ExtraEnergy agrees. 

Copy: Nora Manthey 

21 December 2009



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