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Key pedelec data on energy and sustainability

Within the EU Go Pedelec! project, Thomas Lewis (Go Pedelec country manager, energieautark consulting GmbH) prepared a list of key pedelec data on energy and sustainability.

Key pedelec data on energy and sustainability

Max. continuous rating of the electric motor in Watts: 250
Energy use in Watt hours per kilometre: 10.31
(from ExtraEnergy Test 2011)
Energy use in Kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres: 1.03
(from ExtraEnergy Test 2011)

Average battery pack capacity in Watt hours: 332.29
Average range in kilometers per battery charge: 36.30

CO2 emissions in kilograms per Kilowatt hour: 0.27
(Electricity from a hydro-power intensive country (Austria))
CO2 emissions in kilograms per Kilowatt hour: 0.84
(Electricity from a fossil fuel dominiated country (Greece))
CO2 emissions in kilograms per Kilowatt hour: 1.01
(Food for rider, average Austrian diet)

Upper limits for area required in square metres to generate annual pedelec electricity use (as an only means of transport)
Assumed electricity use in kWh/year: 270
Photovoltaics: 2.7
Biogas: 450
Biomass (electricity from vegetable oil): 790
Biomass (electricity from woodchip): 1800

>> The energy self sufficient pedelec

Copy: Thomas Lewis et al., prepared within the EU GoPedelec! project: GoPedelec! Handbook (German version), Go Pedelec! Handbook in Czech, Dutch, English, Hungarian, and Italian

Translation: Peter Eland (

Online release: Angela Budde

22 November 2012



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