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Bosch, Panasonic and others visit Tanna

On the first day of testing in Tanna, a number of big, international manufacturers participated in the fringe activities organized by ExtraEnergy parallel to the 10-day test.

The ExtraEnergy supporting program was well supported by manufacturers, visitors and test riders on the first day of the 10-day test of electric bikes in Tanna, Germany.

Representatives of well-known manufacturers came to Tanna, among them were: the biggest German bicycle manufacturer Derby Cycle, German pedelec manufacturer Riese & Müller, Swiss Flyer manufacturer Biketec, European market leader in electric bike drive systems Panasonic from Japan, and German automobile parts supplier Bosch.

Mid-morning all posed for a group photo with ExtraEnergy staff members and test riders, after listening to a welcoming address by Hannes Neupert, president of ExtraEnergy. Then all set off on electric bikes of their choice (a few manufacturers used the opportunity to test-ride opposition products) on the test track, which cuts through a forest and then snakes through the countryside back to the ExtraEnergy head office.

Apart from a few instructions shouted on the way by manufacturers to test riders on how "to get the best out of the motor", the trip was undertaken in a (mostly) non-competitive atmosphere.

In the early afternoon a few manufacturers kept close eyes on the testing activities and gave last advice to the testers how to use their bikes for optimal performance.

When the technicians called a halt to testing activities late in the afternoon, test riders, technicians and manufacturers set off to the nearby town of Burgk for a guided tour of and dinner in the 14th century castle Schloss Burgk. The 45-minute guided tour transported all into the days when rooms were cold, dark and men were made to fight. Dinner came in the form of a grill in the courtyard, before everyone retired to a warm and cozy cellar room - with drinks in hand.

The final guests made their way back to their hotel rooms at about 22h00 in the knowledge that all test bikes had made it through the first day of tests.

Photos of the day program

Photos of the evening at Schloss Burgk

Copy: Christoffel Volschenk
Photos: Patrick Knappick, Nikolaus Decius

29 April 2009



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