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Test 2011/12: List of participated Pedelecs

Please find a list of all pedelecs tested 2011/12. The test results will be published in March 2012.

On March 22nd 2012, the test results will be published in the "E-bike" magazine of the Delius Klasing Verlag, available on the magazine market.

In spring 2012, the ExtraEnergy test magazine will be published online and with a print-run of 20000, handed out at every Test IT Show event. Please find the Test IT Show calendar here:


Pedelecs of the Test 2011/12
ave XH 5
BH Bikes Emotion Avant
BH Bikes Emotion Neo
Cube EPO 2
Grace MTB
Kalkhoff Pro Connect C 8 Disc
Kettler Hybritec Obra Plus
Kettler Hybritec Obra Light
Kettler Hybritec Obra Comfort
Kreidler Vitality Elite
Moskino Bike
Panther TE-9C
Raleigh StokerB
Raleigh Leeds
Remsdale Boomerang
Sachs Beast
Sparta RXS Light Curana
Stevens E-6X Disc
Victoria Le Mans
Victoria Vicky-e
VSF Fahrradmanufaktur P700
Zemo ZE8

With back pedalling Brake
Flyer T5R Deluxe
Giant Twist Elegance Power
Kalkhoff Impulse
Raleigh Impulse
Wondervelo City

Folding Pedelecs
Mobiky-16 Youri
Susmo B1
BH Bikes Emotion Folding KE

Utility Pedelecs
Yuba Mundo Radkutsche

>> Photos of all pedelecs tested 2011/12

Copy: Angela Budde
Photo: Angela Budde

Product photos: Hannes Neupert

20 February 2012
Last update: 10 March 2012




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