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Stuttgart: Company Pedelecs instead of Rental Stations

Stuttgart wants to become a pedelec city. Nothing has changed about that. Only the plan of action has changed. Instead of public rental stations the city now favors company pedelecs for the staff to ride.

During the Cities for Mobility Conference in June 2008, the city of Stuttgart presented a project that would turn the city into the World’s pedelec capital in the near future. Together with the project partners ExtraEnergy and Ultra Motor - still involved at that time - Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster announced a two-step concept to introduce pedelecs to the city. Meanwhile, the plan has changed––not the goal.

Company Pedelecs Aspired
It seems that the critical voices within the local government have finally made their point against the supporters of the rental stations that were presented by Ultra Motor and originally planned as the first step of the pedelec project. Instead of establishing several hundred rental stations with Ultra Motor bikes, the city now favors pedelecs to be used by the staff of local com-
panies. “We will invite 200 to 300 companies in Stuttgart to participate in this project“, said Wolfgang Forderer, the city’s project coordinator, towards the local news-
paper GOOD NEWS. Large company facilities will be a good place to set up pedelec stations. The staff can use the bikes to stay mobile during working hours and lunch break, Mr. Forderer further explained.

Pedelec Leasing
The second part of the original concept has stayed the same: The city envisions a business model similar to a cell phone contract: Citizens close a contract, get a pedelec and pay between 25 and 30 Euros per month. A network of battery exchange machines will make sure the vehicle is always filled up. Stuttgart is currently talking to Deutsche Bahn to see if pedelecs could also be placed at Call-a-Bike stations where Deutsche Bahn provides regular bicycles for rent in several German cities. Regardless which concept will finally be put into reality, Forderer wants to start introducing pedelecs to the people of Stuttgart in Spring 2009.

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October 7, 2008



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