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Water Pedelec SeaScape - The first of its Kind

The electric-assisted water craft SeaScape is the pedelec on the water. At the occasion of the 43rd International Boat Show Düsseldorf, it was introduced to the public.


Electric-assisted Watercraft
The water pedelec SeaScape is the first of its kind worldwide. It was developed and licensed for fresh water and for salt water. From May 2012, it will be available on the open market. Manufacturer of the whole vehicle is the company BionX, renowned for its pedelec components. The company`s international headquarters is in Canada. The European head office is in Austria.

With a total weight of 220 kg (including batteries), the electric assisted watercraft is a genuine lightweight and can be classified as Light Electric Vehicle (LEV).
Regardless of which sector - watercraft  or pedelecs - the SeaScape represents a novel product category.

Electric-assisted Cycling on the Water
The SeaScape allows to cruise a river upstream and downstream with or without the support of the electric motor.

The used drive system is equivalent to the systems the company developed for pedelecs and is equipped with a power sensor.

There are four selectable electric assist levels in `eco` or `performance` mode: ECO-MODE 30 % (Cruise: Assist Level 1) or 60 % (Tour: Assist Level 2) or PERFORMANCE MODE 100 % (Ambition: Assist Level 3) or 300 % (Power: Assist Level 4)

The electric-assistance allows to ride relaxed and comfortable or sporty, enabling cardio workout on the water. Neither disturbing noise emissions nor emissions of diesel engines. Electric mobility is the future mobility on the water!

>> photo gallery

Technical Specifications according to manufacturer

 SeaScape 12
Type: Catamaran
Passenger: 2 side-by-side seated (plus 2 children in the front)
Propulsion: human power, proportional electric assist

Overall length: 12 ft / 3,645 mm
Overall width: 6.1 ft / 1,870 mm
Overall height (propeller up): 40.6" / 1,260 mm
Draft (propeller down): 15.5" / 395 mm
Draft (propeller up): 8.4" / 215 mm

Overall weight (incl. 2 batteries): 485 lb / 220 kg
Max. load capacity: 680 lb / 310 kg
Max. load capacity front deck (2 children): 132 lb / 60 kg

Speed w/o support: 3.4 mph / 5.4 km/h (3.0 kn) nominal
Speed: 4.5 mph / 7.2 km/h (4.0 kn) nominal
with support: 5 mph / 8.1 km/h (4.5 kn) maximum
Output: 250 W nominal
Support: 4 support levels (35%, 60%, 100%, 300%)
Engine control: BionX
Propeller speed: 220 rpm nominal
Battery: 2x 12 V 30 Ah marine
Battery load cycles: approx. 600 (full load cycles)
Charge time battery: 3 hours (with 10 A charger)
Steering: Direct steering w/Bowden cable
Hull: Rotomolded Polyethylene
Stowage: Under/behind seat, battery compartment
BionX Console: Removable G2

>> SeaScape 12 brochure (PDF)


Copy: Angela Budde
Photos: Hannes Neupert

25 January 2012
Update: 3 February 2012







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