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Wow Factor of E-Mobility

Since 1997, people test ride pedelecs on our Test IT Tracks worldwide, meanwhile with four Test IT Tracks throughout Europe. In January 2011, ExtraEnergy gave a new facelift to the Show. With the participation of renowned manufacturers including (...)

(...) Fahrradmanufaktur, HAIBIKE, Hase Spezialräder, Hercules, Kalkhoff, Kettler Bike, Kreidler, GIANT, clean mobile, SFM Bikes, WINORA, and the partners BATSO, EnergyBus, movelo, and nutcase, a respectable show was presented.

The experience of electric mobility was offered at appr. 40 exhibitions, e.g. specialized fairs, company events, and city festivals. The test riders were enthusiastic and commented „Who'd have thunk it?“ and „Great that you are here!“

Dieter König, project manager of the Test IT Show, adds: „An overwhelming number of visitors was surprised and delighted by the electric bikes. The number of test riders reached up to 900 per day. The Test IT Track was a great appeal at exhibitions, but also in rural areas. A lot of visitiors wanted to buy the pedelecs immediately. We are convinced that the Test IT Show has helped to increase the popularization of electric vehicles and will even continue to contribute.

Project manager Dieter König is optimistic about the future: „Looking back on the numbers of visitors in October and November 2011, I assume that the total number of test riders will be at 50,000 in 2012.“

Please find all Test IT Show tourdates at:

>> www.TestITShow.org

Interestet manufacturers may like to join the show:

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>> www.TestITShow.org

>> Summary 2011

Copy: Angela Budde
Picture: ExtraEnergy e.V.

16 January 2012



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8th to 10th July, Friedrichshafen, Germany

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